Defunding APD
Refunding Communities

This Is Why We Fight

The data is clear: policing protects the wealthy and harms working-class and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities. Transferring resources and decision-making power back to the public is the only way to truly realize “public safety”. Help us Defund the Atlanta Police Department and Refund Communities so we can create an Atlanta that works for us all.

Our communities need drastic improvements, now - especially BIPOC communities. A bloated police budget is a non-solution. Housing, healthcare, education, and food security are just a few of the resources we actually need. As police abolitionists and community advocates, we believe that moving money away from the police and investing in these community resources achieves true public safety.

This Is How We Fight

Creating a public education campaign to debunk myths around policing and public safety
Building a grassroots coalition in support of democratic, community-led decision making processes
Promoting candidates for local office who explicitly support the abolishing the police, police unions, and the Prison Industrial Complex.