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Rejecting Reform
A conversation about police reform and why it doesn’t work.
For the Love of Police
Tune in to learn from three guests about American Police Propaganda in media, policy and language. We will discuss famous cop tropes, local police department outreach, and how “copaganda” conditions society to believe that protection comes in the form of patrol.
Policing Poverty
Tune in on Thursday, January 21 at 7pm to learn from three guests who will speak on the links between policing & gentrification in Atlanta. These panelists have seen firsthand how policing is used to displace longtime residents and hurt communities. Our panelists include organizers from Community Movement Builders and Housing Justice League, as well as the founder of The Mainline zine. Each will bring their own expertise and perspectives & tell us how they’re working to empower their communities.
Surviving Injustice
Tune in for a powerful discussion about the impact of police brutality and prison on mental health. Our guests spoke about their experiences with the traumas of violent policing, incarceration and the challenges of coming home after a long prison sentence.
Change Is Here
Tune in for genuine examples, stories, and successes from organizers & activists in the Defund movement. Leaders from Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Austin spoke about their successful efforts against the police state and where they are in the fight for full defunding.
Defund The Police?
Tune in for an enlightening discussion around the idea of “Defunding the Police.” Our guests spoke about the history, messaging, challenges, and opportunities. This is a great resource to expand your understanding of a pivotal movement in history.